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What do South Africa, alternative rock and an accordion have in common?

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Flash-forward to present day. Johnny Kongos JK : As a band, officially , but [we] have been playing our whole lives really.

JK: From Maskandi to more modern styles like Kwaito and Gqom, there is such a variety and depth to the South African musical culture that its influence is far reaching in our music. Growing up listening to South African music made its way into our subconscious and eventually it comes out in a new way when we write and record. I think it has possibly one of the best accordion solos ever recorded in my humble and objective opinion.

UTN: What was the first song you ever wrote as a band? UTN: How do you think your sound has changed over the years? What do you say to fans or critics who have said your sound has changed? Speaker 2 is "afraid to lose control" and "caught up in this world".

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  • This is supported by the video, which includes various Speaker 2's the lady blow-drying her hair, clearly very concerned about her appearance; the lady jumping rope and spinning - trying to look and feel good about herself; the guy in the suit collecting money in an office - focused on making money rather than living life; the guy in the coffee shop smoking a pipe, taking a selfie, and flipping pages - trying to fit an image of how he should act and what to think.

    In particular the "I think I've thought myself to death" line relates to the guy in the coffee shop in the video. Confuse what I feel with something that's real.

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    In reverse order of the lyrics, what he feels isn't even real. He's so caught up in his trap that he doesn't even realize that his "passions" aren't even real or for real things. Because his feelings are so off, it also confuses his mind. Funny, he wouldn't even take a bite. This isn't necessarily speaking of soul in the religious sense. Soul here is a metaphor for his spirit or individuality.

    KONGOS - Come With Me Now (LYRICS)

    Bell gets Falzone to jump into a river re: the music video where the Speaker 2's all wind up in the water. The parallels here are clear.


    This song is about a more sexually experienced male trying to get a female to surrender to her passions and come with him. Well this might get me in trouble but I think they're talking about the white genocide in South Africa. Is a phrase now it's been popular for 10 years called Packing for Perth. I think they're questioning what happened to South Africa. Of course they've been gone for a long time. I try not to get caught up in very specific interpretations specific scenes or specific lyrics. I think that's a weakness that many people make in my opinion when looking for the overall meaning of a song.

    My overall feeling of is grief and deep. And moving on. The music video gave me the distinct feeling that the singer is trying to speak to someone else, or multiple people.

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    The message being that you shouldn't get so caught up in life that you forget to have fun. Each of the people in the video have one thing they let control their lives, or so the video implies to me. They are so afraid to loose control in life that they stick to the same thing over and over, never experiment, never explore, and never enjoy the little time they have. When the singer is saying don't delay its because life is short and we never know when will be our last chance to try new things or anything really.

    KONGOS - Come With Me Now by Corey McNulty | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    It seems to me a song about making sure you let loose every once in a while and do something It's about not being sure of yourself and fed up with it. The soul bite is the devil to show how desperate he or she is. Taking you down is suicide. End this grief. No God in the song but he is the only answer. In other words: In the context of unrelenting social pressures i.

    Can they define what is real for themselves? Or are they restricted i. What are my thoughts and are they my own? Can I follow my heart, or just that last tv infomercial i. We are told its too hard i. There was an error. Since I am the first one, I won't have a good comment, because I know almost nothing!

    Come With Me Now Lyrics

    I think this song is a very deep song, but I don't know what it means. I feel like it may be religious, or regard good vs. I have been working on a meaning for this song for months now. This is the biggest mystery in my life right now! Certain parts of the song confuse me.

    I start coming up with a meaning and then all of a sudden I hear a part, and then what I was thinking makes no sense. Perhaps I am thinking too hard about this song. Flag mary on August 14, That really makes sense with the song! This song is just so good! And honestly, I like when it is hard to tell what a song means!

    But I will most likely interpret your way!

    ฟังเพลง come with me now - Kongos (ฟังเพลงcome with me now)

    It just makes more sense! Flag DJN8 on August 14, TO ME this song is about embracing my eventual Death and not letting myself get down about it. Make my best effort with whatever time I have left. Love this sound. Flag mezzoforte on June 05, General Comment The truth is this song seems a person tormented by the devil. The devil tells him to go with him, he says he was born without that fear. They are two voices that are in the song: the tormented person and the devil.