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AH AH Member. Angus Angus Member. Olga Olga Member. At this age, most of these explorations can be completed independently. Feel free to substitute other Physics explorations if desired. If they are, let me know! It costs you nothing, but it compensates our family a little if you click through — thanks for purchasing through the links! You may pin images and share images via social media, but all images must link back to the original post.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Generous people like you help me to have hope for this crazy world of ours! At a time of politics run amok, I am so grateful that you have shared for free, no less! Thank you so much for your warm and encouraging note, Kelly! Oh, thank you so much! This is such a blessing my boys are going to LOVE this! I think this will give my Hubby a chance to participate also. I am so thankful that you shared this. Thank you!! This is fantastic, Jen— thank you! Oh my goodness — David Macauley in September!!!

How thrilling and wonderful for the RAR community! What a wonderful resource! And so generous and thoughtful of you to share it. I taught a co-op course several years ago using the knex, would have loved to have had this to go along with it. A totally different question: I have 14yo twin sons and would love to hear more about homeschooling and teenage boys if you ever get a chance:.

Teenage boys and homeschooling!!! I wrote it down on my requested topics list! Jen, I am a new reader and just wanted to say thank you for your generous spirit — not only in sharing your resources and plans, but also in the time that you invest in your blog. We have always used a blend of classical and Charlotte Mason, but I find myself gravitating towards Miss Mason more and more: I am so appreciative of your planning posts and those which address the nuts and bolts of how you live out your educational philosophy.

Thank you for using your gifts and talents to help other homeschooling families! Thank you so much, Melanie! Truly — sharing is a blessing for me, and I love walking alongside all of you! Thank you so much for sharing this! I have two boys going into 5th and 7th that would LOVE this for next year! Thank you for this thorough set of plans, Jen!

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Just clipped it to Evernote for when my 5yo son is old enough to really join in with his older siblings…if I can wait that long! This is fantastic! I thought I knew what we were doing next year for science… now I want to rethink that! Thanks for sharing this; it looks like you have put a lot of time into pulling it all together! Going to keep it in mind for the future if so!

The Light Fantastic

Have fun with it! Thanks so much Jennifer. Amazon does have it in CD-Rom though. They are little minute animated videos. Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing your resources. Thank you for this.

Several in our CM group plan to use this next year. A couple are rising ninth graders and we would like to know how to beef it up for a high school class? I was thinking of adding another book and maybe formal written narrations each week? Possibly a mini research paper CM style? Thank you, Sharyn. Thanks for sharing!!! Y3 Animals including humans Amelie. Y3 Animals including Humans Max. Animals including humans are explored by Max in this topic.

Y3 Plants J. Here JR moves his learning about plants beyond the parts into the functions. He investigates and researches conditions for growth in plants.

Insoluble Paintings - Lesson Plan

Y3 Plants Max. Max explores plants outside throughout the year to learn about their life cycle, including observing pollination in action. Y3 Forces and Magnets Naithan. Naithan explores pushes and pulls, friction and magnets re respect to the forces involved and their use in everyday life. Y3 Forces and Magnets Max. Here Max explores how things move on different surfaces, investigates magnetic force through making a magnetic sling and testing different materials. Y3 Light Johnny. Johnny is introduced to the need for light to see things, the role of light in reflection, the key vocabulary of transparent, translucent and opaque.